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The Newborn Photographer Tip to save you shoot time.

The two transitional pose.

It's so simple & will save you shoot time!

My number one advice to newborn photographers, from someone who’s completely changed her style during 10 years of specialising in newborn photography...


Make it easy for you! 💫

Very simple but bare with me as I explain...

One easy pose that can be turned into two. This ‘pose’ is a “transitional” pose. Shoot two shots with one movement.

Pose one explained...

Parent one holds their newborn baby in arms facing upwards, whilst parent number two places their hands over parent number ones hands and kisses their babies forehead with their eyes closed.

Pose two explained...

Parent two following pose one brings baby upwards to kiss their babies forehead.

Same type of pose with each parent making two different images. 🎉

Key things to remember:

- Baby must be comfortable and safe. Instruct your parent to bring babies legs curled up close to their own chest like the natural baby curled pose.

- Eyes closed provides a more natural emotional connection.

It's that simple. Hope this helps your future photoshoot planning. More tips and tricks to come for those educating themselves in the world of newborn photography.

Please be safe with all your posing!

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