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How to soothe your baby, from a baby whisperer!

Updated: Jan 31

Let's start with the breaking a few high expectations... every single baby is different. These helpful tips may be the key to catching a few more Z's in the night or that half an hour tea break a new mum so desperately needs.

So picture this... Your beautiful baby has come into the world, you're living in this wonderful bubble full of love then on day three you are barely thinking straight, your eyes just wont stay open. You may even be putting cold water into that mug of tea without thinking. Sleep is essential, without it we can often feel unlike ourselves and can't think straight.

So if you haven't fallen asleep with phone in hand and woken to the sound of it dropping on the floor (yes we have all been there) or you have skim read the above purely because you can no longer focus, If you have made it this far I applaud you!

Here are my tips to sooth your baby from a baby whisperer... (me!)

  1. Use a baby ssher

Invest in a Baby Ssher - available from Amazon! I love mine and I use it in every session with any baby at any age! Fun fact, I used it for my youngest for over a year.

2. Wrap em'!

It sounds so simple and yet some parents have never even heard of a swaddle. My very own midwife taught me to wrap my first little girl and it sent her to sleep within seconds. As much as I have studied other newborn photographers (Kelly Brown you legend of a woman) it was actually my midwife who taught me the trick. Youtube is your best friend, you'll learn how to safely wrap your baby within minutes. Give it a go or wait for a blog I have planned to show you exactly how to!

3. Warm room (at a safe temp)

Babies are people. We forget that! How many times have you dozed off on the sofa because its warm and cosy? I personally did only two nights ago. If your room is cold, it's less likely they'll drift off - SO! make your room slightly warmer than normal - a safe temp of course.

4. A diddy / dummy (controversial I know and no it is not essential!)

Some midwives and parents are getting the ick at me saying this but again - from personal experience - a dummy helped me at night. Yes they don't look that great, yes they may be classed as a bad habit and some do even say they can confuse the baby when breast feeding. But at the end of the day you gotta do what you gotta do! Lyla, when she was first born cluster fed constantly. I never slept. The power of the boob just wouldn't keep her tum full, either that of she was using me as a dummy. I felt the pressure to be 'the perfect mum.' 'Breast is best!'

>> Enter eye roll here << The boob is such an incredible scientific amazing wonderful thing some ladies can do. Some physically can not! So no judgement here. If you are happy to, give it a go!

If these don't work, pop me a message for your very own family photoshoot and we can chat then - I could even help during the session.

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